Do you know noise hampers your employee productivity?


Server units emit noise and it’s a lot. Employees working in closer proximity in those environments have a tough time talking and listening. It hurts their ears maximally and sometimes results in loss of hearing. The server apart from emanating noise, it also dissipates heat, which affects the health of the workforce. This is not alone, in order to negate the heat, coolers are run to keep the surrounding cool, which again produces noise adding to more woes. In order to overcome the issue, Soundproof enclosure manufacturers by Netrack has come up with an optimum solution of providing soundproof enclosures which effectually absorbs noise and promotes a clean and bio-friendly environment for the employees.
What are the highlights of Soundproof Enclosures?
 The soundproof enclosures are designed to maintain the cool temperature and are meticulously crafted to protect against fire accidents such as the burning of cable wires etc.
 The soundproof enclosures by Netrack are designed to subdue the noise produced by the fan motors by 30 decibels.
 The enclosures are also crafted with two dust-proof fans which have effectually helped to keep the cabinets free from dust and other contamination.
 These enclosures are also designed with corridor concepts which actually separate hot and cold air. This helps to prevent short circuits that occur due to the collision of hot and cold air.
Why Netrack?
It is to be noted that Netrack has always ensured that the soundproof enclosures are manufactured using good quality materials which are procured from certified vendors. The soundproof enclosures are quality tested before there are finally made.
Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Netrack, has made sure that quality and on-time delivery is never hindered. Their comprehensive logistic network can support customers successfully with requirements from any part of the world.

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