Work peacefully keeping your server on

Soundproof server racks
A peaceful and pleasant environment is much needed for a good working atmosphere. Noise pollution in working environment hampers the productivity of the employees. But we cannot find an ideal place which is 100% free from pollution. However, it is possible to reduce the level of noise to some extent to provide a peaceful workplace. The noise emanated from machines in the server room not only disturbs the employee but also leads to various health hazards. The Silent rack Manufacturers by Netrack has come up with an innovative solution to reduce the noise inside the data center. They provide good quality cabinets which prevent dust and noise pollution thus making the environment peaceful and healthy to work.
Subdue noise pollution and feel a pleasant environment with Silent Racks
The noise pollution and heat radiation have caused serious health hazards which lead to regular absenteeism of employees and hence reduced the productivity level. It is to be noted that the Silent racks have two dustproof fans, which helps to control heat dissipation. These cabinets also help to reduce the amount of the energy required to cool the area, which otherwise would have incurred huge energy bills. This has given great relief to the company as they do not have to pay a heavy price for the energy bills. Another main advantage of this silent rack is it has also helped to prevent cable damage due to overheating of cables due to heat dissipation.
The Silent rack manufacturers procure the best quality acoustic material to achieve the highest level of noise reduction. This has helped to subdue noise pollution up to 30dB and provide a pleasant environment for the employees. Call today to avail the best deals on Silent Racks from Netrack.

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